Before the city wakes up – Bevor die Stadt erwacht 28-June-2020

Some years ago someone within the BMW Sweden motorcycle club had a great idea: to offer a guided tour in Stockholm, VERY early in the morning in June, before the city wakes up. Sunrise at that time is around 3:50, so we need to start really early. Since then I have done such a little „adventure“ a few times – and again this year 2020.

The alarm clock is waking me up at 02:30. Do I really want to get out of bed now? Yes, today it’s the day, so just 15 minutes later I am in the garage and take out the KTM. There is still – or already? – so much daylight that you could read a newspaper outdoors all night long. Now around midsummer as far south as Stockholm the night does not get really dark. And while the last week was the hottest this year with temperatures over 30 dgr C every single day, it’s now comfortably cool around 20.

I am taking the E18 into the city. The shopping center at Bromma blocks is the first stop. Lots of construction going on there, but sadly Bromma airport is still entirely closed – thanks to Covid-19. I am riding to the area around the new Karolinska hospital. The new aula of Karolinska Instutet gives a great background for some pics. Next stop is in the middle of a crossing on Stank Eriks Gatan, to take some spectacular pics of the newly build tower theres. And I have to admit: when the traffic light does not switch to green at all within several minutes and there is no other traffic at all…. Well you guess.

I am riding into the city. Most cars around at that time now are taxis. A few folks are walking home from the clubs. Some are on rechargeable battery scooters, but I can’t stop quickly enough to get a pic of that loving couple that share a scooter home. Guess for them the night is not over… 😉

On Stockholms Centralbron (center bridge) construction work is going on 24/7, even at „nighttime“. A huge crane on a barge has lifted away the old railway bridge. This is what the call „the wasps waiste“, because here two rails had to take all the traffic between southern and northern Sweden – until some years ago a new railway tunnel was opened under the water. No time to waste, so workers are busy even now.

On Södra Strandvägen a bunch of taxis is picking up the last club visitors to take them home. Not much social distancing here. I don’t really get it!

I am ending the trip at Riddarholmen island – and as a tradition I am taking pic of me and the bike with the Stockholm City hall in the background. Shortly before the sun has just risen over the horizon as a big red ball. It’s 4:30 now and it slowly gets brighter. On the way home I have another stop at Hagaparken, thought I might see some folks who have partied there, but it’s really empty.

Just behind the barrier of the E4 a deer is looking at me passing by. I didn’t see it earlier behind that barrier and fortunately it decided the that green grass there is a better choice than than the stuff on the other side. It’s for sure as much surprised as me, but stands still and lets me pass.

At home around 05:00 I have a very compact breakfast. Then back to bed. I am putting on an eye mask like you use in airplanes, because now it’s full daylight out there. Finally at 09:30 and starting another hot Sunday with the real breakfast. The city is now fully awake. I can hear the traffic on E18 in the background. And it’s now already much too hot for a motorcycle ride. Maybe I’ll do a bicycle ride around 20:30 tonight…


Nobody shopping now?


New P-house at Bromma airport

On the way to Solna


Karolinska new aula


Who’s cleaning all those windows?


Stockholm grows also vertically


No rush hour right now.


The sun is just below the horizon!


Riddarholmen church.




A tradition: me, the current bike and Stockholm City Hall.

Heavy weight lifter.


Now he sun is out – reflecting in the City Hallo Windows.

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